Assumptions About Millennials (like me!)

I know,  calling myself a millennial feels like I am desperately clinging on to my youth. But technically it’s true, I was born in 1984. So I am in fact, an older millennial.

So I was at school when the introduction of dial-up internet, with those early search engines (remember Ask Jeeves?) and was in my late teens when MySpace was launched.  And for those of you that are too young to know what I’m talking about, know that I am extremely jealous of your youth.  Doing your homework using Microsoft Encarta was a lot more difficult then typing it into Google.  Anyway, my assumption was that anyone born after 1984 would have a better grasp on technology than me. I mean with the amount of exposure they had, from an even younger age, they would have learned even more than me, right?

Well although those born after me would have had more exposure to technology at an earlier age, it was incorrect to assume that they knew more than I did.  To be fair, younger people had so much technology thrown at them from an early age, it would be pretty difficult to keep on top of it all.  It would take a conscious effort, perhaps from a genuine interest, which not everyone had.

What other assumptions I’ve made

This really made me think about other assumptions I was making in my business. Not just in my abilities, but my audience.  Assumptions about who would want to use my services, what kind of business would be able to invest in outsourcing, etc.  I even made assumptions that bigger, established companies wouldn’t have a need for my business, because they are big enough to have an employee who solely works on that.

That last one is a ridiculous assumption to make, because I’ve worked in big companies, and their processes were nowhere near streamlined!  So even though I had memories that would prove my assumptions to be false, it didn’t stop me making them.

Barriers from false assumptions

The disappointing thing is that believing my own false assumptions was something that prevented me from approaching people.  In my mind, I was ensuring I was talking to my target audience, which is a correct thing to do, but actually, I probably shut the door on potential leads. *face palm*

So I invite you to have a look at your behaviours, especially if you are stopping yourself from doing something. Is it based on fact or assumption? I hold my hands up, mine was all based on assumption, but it’s going to be interesting to see what happens now I’m ignoring the fake news I created in my mind.

Do you have any barriers in your business? I’m not in any way a mindset coach but it might be an idea to see if what you believe to be true is simply an assumption.  I’d love you to share your thoughts with me on this, so please do get in touch.

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