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Here are our incredible packages, so all you need to do is pick one you like the sound of and book in for a chat.


It’s 3pm on Friday, and you’re ready to switch off…only, you didn’t send that invoice, you still have 30 unread emails, and there are dozens of receipts needing to be filed. “Ffs”, you think. “I wish I could just give this to someone to sort for me.”

Well, now you can. Ideal for one-wo-man banders who need to hand over the boring admin stuff before Friday, the Ad-min package gives you up to 10 hours of your precious time back, so you can rest easy knowing the dull but important bits have been taken care of, and your weekend can start with an “Ahhh…”


It’s 11am on Wednesday, and your to-do list just keeps growing. You have new clients to on-board, social media posts to put up, invoices to send, a bulging inbox, and that’s before the real work even begins. You make yourself a coffee and think, “That’s it. I need help.”

Described as a busy business owner’s “Pocket PA”, the Ad-more package is ideal for small business owners who don’t need a full-time admin assistant, but do need to off-load a huge chunk of the dull but important tasks to keep the business ticking nicely.


It’s 9am on Monday, and you check your diary. Business is booming…but so is your workload. You’re pedalling at 100 mph and constantly think, “There must be an easier way to manage all this…how do the successful companies do it?”

Well, they have an all-star admin team, which is what the Ad-most package can be for you. From managing all the dull but important bits, to totally streamlining your current processes and making your systems super-duper hot, this package is simply invaluable for a small business with big plans for growth and an even bigger need for practical, admin help.

Up to 10 hours – £300.00 per month

Up to 20 hours – £575.00 per month


Up to 35 hours – £950.00 per month