How Busy Are You Really?

“I’m busy” Busy. It’s one of the most overused words I have ever heard. “How was work?” “Busy!” “How was your week?” “Oh you know, busy as usual” “Do you want to pop out for lunch?” “Oh no, I can’t today, I’m too busy!” By no means everyone, but a […]

Time – How to Get More In Your Day

This blog title is a lie.  We all know you cannot physically add time to a day.  The day lasts 24 hours and that’s how it is. Adding time is impossible.  However, changing the way you work with time, can feel like more has been added to the day. Working […]

Home Office Working – Can It Work For You?

One of my mini goals when thinking about this business was always to have my own office space eventually.  It is even on my vision board above my desk at home as a goal to focus on.  However, as I am running a growing business, separate premises is not necessary […]